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Australian Wildlife, The Shocking Truth

Australian Wildlife, The Shocking Truth

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"Australian Wildlife, the Shocking Truth!"

Everything in Australia will kill you! Whether it grows, swims, flies, crawls, slithers, hops or glides etc; it will either kill you, kill you then eat you, “violate” you or just settle for laying its eggs in your brain!

For years people from all over the world have rightly believed that just about everything in Australia will kill you, and we Australians for our part have done little to dispel this misconception and often mischievously and gleefully encouraged it.

“Australian Wildlife, the Shocking Truth!” aims to humourlessly foster and encourage this concept by going into great ghoulish, humorous and illustrated detail about the dangerous feeding and/or breeding habits of 60 plants and animals that live on our continent.

Author - Robert Greenberg

Pages - 120

Format - Paperback

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