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Bluey Ring Ring Phone

Bluey Ring Ring Phone

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Let’s play and chat with Bluey and Bingo on the Bluey Ring Ring Phone. Play games and activities that feature animations of the characters and popular phrases from the show.

Press the buttons with pictures of Bluey, her family and friends to hear phrases about each one. Voice activation lets kids chat with Bluey and Bingo for interactive pretend play. Change the ringtone, brightness and more, just like a real phone. Play four games that feature themes from different episodes.

If Bingo is in a bad mood, cheer her up by pressing the number buttons to play music she can dance to. Use the arrow buttons to help Bingo do a handstand. When Bluey pretends to be a fruit bat, press the arrows to help her catch fruit to eat. Help Bluey blow bubbles by blowing into the microphone.

Recommended for ages 3-6 years old.

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