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The Desert Boatman

The Desert Boatman

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Rex Ellis

REX ELLIS leads an amazing life, one driven by a sense of curiosity, adventure, adaptability, practicality and more than a dash of mischief. These traits are powered by a loyal heart and a strong mind and body. From his early days growing up in the South Australian bush to his continent-spanning adventures on foot, by car, camel and boat, he has relied on his ability and wit, and an infectious sense of wonder.
His comfort in extreme environments is endearing and enduring. It is a hallmark of his adventures and key to the experiences of those lucky enough to have travelled with him over the decades. It can take courage to get out of your comfort zone, Rex says. And I see the trepidation some people feel, but then it usually comes good … I just say we make our plans then we ride on the back of nature.

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