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The Spirits of Bowen Downs

The Spirits of Bowen Downs

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Many ventured to Western Queensland to follow their dreams and to open up this grazing country — men, women and children — many gave their lives. This is a book about These people who gave their lives on the outback property Bowen Downs.
Bowen Downs, the name given to an immense plain discovered by Landsborough, and so named by him in honour of the present Governor of Queensland, lies beyond the extreme boundary of the settled districts (settled in the squatting sense only) between Carpentaria and the Darling River.


16 March 1866.
A DOUBLE MURDER BY THE BLACKS. Another double murder! Late last night news was brought to town of the murder of a gentleman named Meredith and his man…’ 1864
John Raynor, who was arrested last week for the murder of the man whose body was found in the Acacia dam, near Muttaburra, committed suicide last evening by cutting his throat with a knife which the constable had lent him to eat his meals with. …’ 1880
Harry Morant, the young fellow to whom we alluded vaguely last week as having been charged with obtaining money from a man named Samuels, at Muttaburra, by means of false pretences, was again brought up in custody…’

As you peruse each entry, think of these people, many who came from overseas and ventured straight to this western district. Some of their families never knowing what became of them. These individuals opened up our great Central Western Queensland.

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